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3SBio Group has always been committed to solving the problem of
clinical drug use for patients, constantly conquering the challenges
of the disease, using high-quality drugs to improve the quality of
life of patients, and working hard for the benefit of human health.

Global layout

We are one of the earliest biopharmaceutical companies in China to enter the international market. We started our export business through a Chinese export company in 2004. Afterwards, we fully carried out local agency cooperation with countries in the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America and Asia to expand our international business.

At present, the Company’s subordinate bases have successively obtained on-site GMP inspections from a number of national drug regulatory agencies, including but not limited to Brazil (member of ICH), Ukraine (member of PIC/s), Colombia, Mexico, and Turkey. At the same time, the Company’s core products have also received more than 47 approvals. They cover more than 20 countries. Meanwhile, we have nearly 50 products waiting for approval from the relevant drug regulatory agencies. International layout has achieved initial success.

With the enhancement of local production protection on a global scale and the requirements of drug laws and regulations more stringent, the Company will adapt itself to the strategic requirements of internationalization and will actively carry out localized production in the core regional market and establish opportunities for local joint venture projects. Work hard to make the Company become a leading Chinese biopharmaceutical company across the world!

The following table lists the number of countries for which our products have been registered, are to be approved and are prepared for submission of registration application:

Products Approved To be approved Prepared for submission of registration application
YSP (Etanercept) 11 19 17
EPO 22 18 21
TPO 5 6 11
INF 3 7 8
SEPO 6 0 11

International Business Department

Address: No. 399 Libing Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China. Post code: 201203

Email Address : [email protected]

Tel: +86-21-50791399

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